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What does gentrification mean to real estate agents?

Imagine you’re walking down a sidewalk. The splotchy cement has worn, juts sharply up and caves down into puddles at random points along it, creating a web of sodden earth throughout it. Weeds and roots of nearby trees spill out … Read More

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How Micro Homes and the next generation of home owners are changing the real estate industry

In the bustling industry of Real Estate movers, pushers, and hustlers, growth continues to be a definitive influencer of agent culture throughout the nation. Considering the market growth, flexibility of the job, upward mobility potential, commission rates, and barriers to … Read More

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Coffee Brews Up Real Estate Values: How Philz Coffee is raising real estate prices in San Francisco neighborhoods.

This article was originally written by Tommy Wolf, Real Estate Back Ops Director of Marketing and posted here. Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Mason-McDuffie. First light sweeps through the bay, softly illuminating the fog and ushering in the morning calm. … Read More

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Will real estate agents be replaced by technology?

This article was written by Tommy Wolf, Real Estate Back Ops Director of Marketing. Nearly every industry imaginable has experienced drastic changes since the dot com boom of the 90’s. Communication, exchange of goods and services, and labor have intangibly … Read More

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What they didn’t tell you about being a real estate agent! (and how Real Estate Back Ops can help)

This article was written by Tommy Wolf, Real Estate Back Ops Director of Marketing. So, you’ve passed your licensing exam and you’re ready to enter the world of real estate. You’re outgoing, hard-working, and likeable, as indicated by the large … Read More

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