Our experienced, highly-trained professionals are standing by to help make all of your transactions seamless, smooth and successful.

We focus on the mundane but crucial so you can focus on your clients and growth of your business.

Our Strategy

For a simple, affordable per transaction fee, we handle everything from Transaction Management and Scheduling to Commission Disbursement. We focus on the transaction details so you can focus on your clients and growing your business.

Our Process

The REBO process has been developed and refined over thousands of real estate transactions.  Our highly trained, seasoned professionals combine our proprietary approach with state-of-the-art technology to give you and your clients the best possible transaction experience.

Our Promise

Being a real estate agent means helping people achieve their dream of homeownership while growing your own successful business.  We let you focus on your clients with the full assurance that your transactions and paperwork are being professionally managed by our experienced team of experts.

Our Goal

Whether you do one transaction per month as an agent or hundreds as a brokerage, our overall goal is to become an integral part of your business. We will save you and/or your agents time, handle all paperwork in a professional and reliable manner and reduce your overhead expenses. We also wish to help you reduce overall risk by making sure that each and every transaction is processed efficiently in the same manner every single time.

Meet our amazing team

Brad Clayton

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

In Real Estate since 2007, Brad has extensive knowledge of real estate operations having personally visited over 3,000 brokerages across the country and throughout Canada. Brad specializes in mergers and acquisitions, valuation, strategic growth and multi-office business strategy. Brad holds an MBA in corporate finance and resides in Arizona.

Tommy Wolf

Director of Marketing

Tommy graduated from Chapman University with a BS in Mathematics in 2012. He has since acquired his CA real estate license, conducted several data driven studies concerning the real estate market, written articles about these studies, and managed social media marketing campaigns for brokerages and tech startups in Northern California.

Payton LaCivita

Advisor and Business Strategy

Payton is a WP Carey School of Business Graduate with great success in developing marketing and sales programs in industries ranging from Medical Sales to Online Ecommerce to Real Estate Brand/Agent Identity.

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